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Learning from Kaliym Islam can be a huge milestone in the success of your career as he is the expert in leadership development training which improves the capabilities of individuals to perform better at leadership roles within their organizations. He has been helping companies and managers through developing their training program that would encourage the attainment of their business goals. The training pro academy works under the direction of Kaliym Islam who has distinct himself from other so called Gurus by taking initiative towards agile training which is  uncommon approach of developing learning culture in the corporate world and education industry. He has authored several books and training materials to become instrumental to the society where dictatorship suppresses the leadership. Dr Islam has developed programs that help professionals to reach the high levels of training proficiency in accelerating team performance and productivity. Teams under his supervision have won awards from Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Brandon Hall, and the International Society for Technical Communication. Take advantage from his wisdom by accessing our resources for the growth and development of your career.


We find gaps in training and development methodologies of organizations to fix them through our remedies. Our team collaborates with your organization concerned authorities to inoculate the proven training techniques and cultivate a great learning experience.

Our training ensures ease in application of methods and tactics that unfolds higher levels of productivity in your work culture.

Return on Investment

We have aligned our strategies with your business metrics to help you foster higher degrees of return on investments. Our training sessions eliminate deep rooted destructive patterns and replace it with concrete solutions and takeaways that can assist you throughout your career.

Agile training and development is pivotal for business executives who are accountable for driving the success of their businesses. To ascertain the impact of our training we make profound assessments to evaluate the factors that encourage team growth and curate stimulating strategies for your business. Capitalize on  our training programs to set yourself up for success

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