How To Develop Training That’s Fast, Good, AND Cheap

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I remember when I was an instructional designer. One of my main frustrations was the review and approval cycles that never seemed to end. After getting approval on learning content that needed to be developed, I would build to those specifications only to find that the requirements or expectations had changed. This change would always result in me redoing the content again and again and again.

Well….it turns out that I wasn’t the only one who had this experience. And, it wasn’t until my teams started using Agile that this never ending review and approval cycle stopped.
Imagine… being able to get high quality training content to your clients in a matter of weeks instead of months.Imagine… virtually eliminating the rework associated with developing your learning content.
Imagine… not worrying about outsourcing because your domestic teams can develop learning content cheaper than offshore providers.

Adopting Agile can make this happen for you and your organization.This course will introduce you to the Agile techniques that I used to help a number of learning organizations reduce the amount of time that it took them to develop and deliver learning programs from months to weeks. I’ll even share with you a technique that allowed one training team to produce learning content within hours of interviewing a subject matter expert… AND… I’ll answer any questions that you might have about using Agile as a training development methodology.

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